ROLL UP hockey shooting pad review –

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Buy it here This is the BIGGEST hockey shooting pad on the market, and also a fair price. You get the most shooting and stickhandling space per $1. We test this skill pad out for stickhandling and shooting and slapshots to see how it holds up. Watch our video

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pipeitis says:

I just ordered one of these from snipehockeydotcom, it was only $70 bucks, I haven’t got it yet, but once I get it I’ll let you know how it holds up. Hope I’ve got enough space to practice stickhandling in the garage!

snipeshockey989 says:

hey dude one question…. how did u get sponsered by hockeyshot?????

cjsutoob says:

Does anyone know how to get one of these in Canada without having to pay $40 just to ship it?

pipeitis says:

If you’re not that far from the border, send it to a shipping depot. I paid $10 bucks from snipe hockey……

Chris Uglanica says:

if you order from it is $20 for shipping in Canada.

cjsutoob says:

I checked – $43 for FedEx ground to my postal code in Newfoundland!

AznxNija12 says:

lol your just standing on the old one now

spikesmw says:

does this hold up to being skated on (roller) occasionally, like if you were to wear skates while shooting and hand to step on to reach a puck far away?

360Crosby360 says:

is this one the same size as the roll out one with the bungie cord?

DatsyukParise says:

hey does it matter what side you use to shoot off of. Also on both sides it flips up still

Goyel04 says:

do you recommend the pro-size or the roll up for grass?

01jeepcherokeesport says:

I like to lean waaaaay into my slap shots, will it and my stick still survive?

howtohockeydotcom says:

you’ll probably go through a few sticks!

howtohockeydotcom says:

@darrinkelly14 only if you have socks on, and only right at the beginning, oh or if there is a bit of snow on it!

howtohockeydotcom says:

for grass I would get the roll-up and put a sheet of plywood underneath

howtohockeydotcom says:

Yes it is the same size

howtohockeydotcom says:

Yeah you could roller blade across it the odd time no problem.

hockeyfan1003 says:

I saw this to see if it was cheap. But for a 100 bucks I’m not willing to pay for something that I buy 2 items from rona and make one. :L

braun247 says:

How does this hold up in weather? Can you keep this outside all the time? Thanks

91nyr says:

I’m looking to buy a shooting pad but can’t decide which one to buy. It’s between this one and the pro size. Notice this is thinner so is flimsy and do you have to let sit out that long after every time its rolled up? Would have to roll it up and store at night cause cars in the driveway. Want this one but don’t want to waste a 100$ on something I am going to hate it. Thanks

howtohockeydotcom says:

I like the roll-up shooting pad the best. I have the pro sized and the roll-up and I only use the roll-up one, I think it because it gives me the most room to practice. The only thing is that it is a pain in the ass to roll up, so you when you store it you will have to just pick it up and set it upright against a wall or something.

91nyr says:

Thanks for the response. Just ordered the roll up shooting pad and saved 10$ with the coupon. Cheers! 

CodGamer35 says:

@91nyr did it get to your house in the next 24 to 48 hours can anybody tell me cause i ordered it yesterday cant wait :D

sploosh2601 says:

do you dilvier to the uk

18916 says:

i have a question. will these hockey shooting pads actually help you when on the ice? does puck handling on this pad feel like puck handling on ice? please answer

howtohockeydotcom says:

They help A LOT. They are not the same as on the ice, but I find about 70% of what you learn on the shooting pads transfers to on the ice. You will learn a lot by practicing off the ice, and then when you are on the ice you have to tweak it a bit to get it right, but any practicing off the ice will definitely make you a better player on the ice!

howtohockeydotcom says:

It came naturally like that but has gotten less slippery over time, I don’t mind but my friend puts on furniture polish and it makes it really slippery again.

beastinwalson26 says:

can you do a video on how to tape your blade all the way to the toe

1stLineGrind says:

Hey nice review, just a question, i ordered one of these and it came today, i had it flattened a bit (not completely though) and the puck does not slide well on it at all. every time i try and stick handle it flips over very easily, is this just because its new, or is it faulty? im not sure. Even the green biscuit is having some trouble not flipping.

By the way Great channel, like the content

howtohockeydotcom says:

Pucks will flip up if you don’t have really smooth hands, so it is kind of an incentive to improve your stickhandling! The green biscuit only flips on me if I REALLY pull up on it while I am stickhandling. Try cupping the puck and Green Biscuit on the forehand and backhand and making nice smooth movements to reduce the times they flip up.

ObviousLedgend says:

What level hockey do you play ?

NaBMjB says:

ur a beast

zoremos says:

i just received mine and it is transparent,is it normal? yours is white

miller14hockeykid says:

Check out my review guys!

robhockey97 says:

spray on pledge, than wipe it with a towel.

SlapSnapandWrists says:

Hi,I’ve just gotten my roll up skill[pad for christmas and it wont flatten.I’ve left it unravled for days and days and days and it wont flatten!!!! its curled at both of the ends and is affecting my shot. Please respond on how to fix this problem


BruinsCupChampions says:

@SlapSnapandWrists Just put weights on t! I did it to mine and it works great!

sackcandyproductionz says:

Hi i was wondering would the roll up shooting pad do good on grass i wanna play in my backyard should i get this or the pro sized shooting pad

HoCkEyMoNsTeR9000 says:


SuperWalker16 says:

@howtohockeydotcom Is The Roll Up Shooting Pad/Slide Board Combo Worth It? Cause I Really Wanna Buy It But Don’t Wanna Waste My Money.

nicky20202 says:

Can i put pledge on it to help it slide better or will that ruin it??

ovibetterthancrosby says:

what did you use to weigh it down? i have put weights on mine but it isnt completely flat. its annoying. what did you use to weigh it down? please reply

MrRookie26 says:

not so well since its so thin

HoCkEyMoNsTeR9000 says:

thanks for replying, however, i just received a roll up shooting pad and it actually works decent on grass (if the grass is cut often), just thought id let you guys know!

danymo007 says:

@howtohockeydotcom Is their a coupon code I can get for this?

kw85442 says:


kw85442 says:

This video is beast

Goatheadish says:

The puck flips up to me when I stickhandle too, how do I get smoother hands?

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