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JOIN THE PROGRAM Developed by big league veteran Gary Roberts and strength and conditioning coach Matt Nichol, The Program is a gruelling 12-week off season training regimen designed to make you more explosive, more powerful and more dominant on the ice. Failure is not an option. Sign up at FOLLOW US and be the first to know

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Michael Borg says:

Why not have an off-ice program that includes Floorball?

niketraining says:

There are lots of ways to stay fit in the summer and hone your skills, but The Program was developed by Matt and Gary to give you a focused training schedule using the same techniques as the pro players they work with. Floorball would be great on the active recovery days and weeks to change up your routine.

33gunn33 says:

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HarmanSin says:

I just did the first day. Really good workout guys, I seriously hope this will help take my game to the next level.

DCShoesSkater says:

can goalies use this too

niketraining says:

This is great for goalies too. Check out former NHL goalie Kevin Weekes talk about some of the training in the “Dangle’s Angle – Toronto Nike Hockey SPARQ Combine” video.

hotgymgirl says:

hey Roberts , pay for your gym equipment

kingparkerIII says:

The training is nothing, the will is everything.-Batman Begins

Santa Clues says:

will this get you ripped?

niketraining says:

Everyone’s body is different so it’s hard to say, but what it will do is make you a better hockey player.

sithlord1271 says:

good idea but wished the training centre was not only about hockey players. 

dtho100 says:

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SteppingOutInFaith says:

Can kids do this too? I have a 9 yr old (much taller & bigger than an average 9 yr old) I want to start training off ice and a hockey camp isn’t enough. They didn’t do any off ice training in last weeks hockey camp but only played games. This is something I want him to incorporate to become a better player. Some of the tools we have are a spin cycle, agility ladder, dumbells, exercise ball and a slide board. This is something he needs but I kinda dont know where to start him off.

sarubian4 says:

I don’t know how but I got this video by searching Sorcerer’s Apprentice, OneRepublic’s Secrets.

gtrefghuk says:

Gary Roberts was a beast. At 42 years old he was beating up on guys who were nearly 20 years younger than him 4 or 5 inches taller and around 20 to 30 pounds heavier than him. Not to mention the 30 or 40 goals a year on average that he scored.

ahmadj34 says:

will this program, help your overall vertical too?

alex88hockey says:

because i discovered this late in the off season can i do it during the season?

MrDanglesnipe says:

Do you define a week as monday to Friday?

Gis7thletter says:

What if you do not have the materials to do some of these workouts? Ex. – medicine ball, partner, swiss ball, etc.?

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