The Program | Off-Season Hockey Training: Weeks 1-4

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It’s time to turn the momentum from the end of the season into taking your game to another level. Weeks 1-4 is the jump start to your off-season training. You’ll focus on building the strength and quickness needed to push even hard during weeks 6-9.JOIN THE PROGRAM Developed by big league veteran Gary Roberts and strength and conditioning coach Matt Nichol, The Program is a grueling 12-week off season training regimen designed to make you more explosive, more powerful and more dominant on the ice. Failure is not an option. Sign up at FOLLOW US and be the first to know

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gerardb5 says:

why has the website been under construction for the last week?

DCShoesSkater says:

it only shows 5 days, so on the weekend theres nothing?

handsul101 says:

He said to do excersise like light jogs or even if you like sports like ball hockey basket ball and stuff

Charlie McPercocets says:


tallset2 says:

Trying this out now.

Day 1.

nerdybirdyish says:


Gis7thletter says:

@niketraining, what if I don’t have the materials to do some of the workouts? For ex.- medicine ball, a partner, swiss ball, etc.?

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