Top three ways for a hockey goalie to improve hip flexibility.

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Close founder Maria Mountain brings her top three ways to improve hip flexibility in hockey goalies. If you want more free hockey training tips then visit http to sign up for your free 5-part hockey training report.

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DaltonPhantom says:

What was the website for the foam roller please?

DaltonPhantom says:

Thank you so much for all your great advice and taking the time to post these videos!

DaltonPhantom says:

If you’re willing to provide me with some advice, I’ve returned to playing goalie after 9 years away, for college and work, so I’m way out shape and overweight. :-( I can lose the weight, but what’s your opinion on weight-loss combined with conditioning? Is it better to get in shape and then start conditioning, or to integrate conditioning with my weight-loss regiment? By the way, I just ordered the foam roller from performbetter. Thanks for the suggestion!

LeCanadienDeMontreal says:

I am new to hockey goaltending and I have many physical health problems due to my flat feet. Do you have some stretches which would help me with my hip, legs and groin flexibilty please. thank-you very much!

Brandon Goetz says:

very nice guide you have here.

shaun127969 says:

Recent I pulled a muscel in the leg while playing, and like the second time its done this , when it happens sometimes it takes a few days to feel better. Could the lack of stretching cause this, I do stretch before each game. But I usually on stretch then, would you suggest I stretch at least once everyday to prevant myself from pulling a muscel, cause this happens a lot when I go to do stretch saves with my legs.

andrewhenneman says:

hey im new to the net, im about 6 feet tall and use size 36 pads and for the life of me i cannot get my 5hole to close. due to that i let up alot of silly goals, will these stretches help me close up my butterfly?

2footrope says:

Great video. I am 52 years old and starting to play again after a 34 year break due to a bad car accident. Had major back surgery to correct things after a second auto wreak 5 years ago. These are just what I need to get a little flexability back into my hips. I’ll never be a butterfly goalie but I will go for a hybred style. I saw a video of Ryan Miller in the locker room using one of those rolls and rolling out his inner legs to loosen up before a game. Great job and please keep it up.

murderdoll9191 says:

About how much time a day should i spend doing these stretches? I havent played hockey in a few year and want to try out goaltending,im 29 so ill be doing mostly recreational play and would like to try some of the basic stretches,

murderdoll9191 says:

About how much time a day should i spend doing these stretches? I havent played hockey in a few year and want to try out goaltending,im 29 so ill be doing mostly recreational play and would like to try some of the basic stretches.

tylerdurdonxx says:

I didn’t realize a full 20 minute of stretching was necessary. I’ve been trying to do around 10 minutes a day, and it’s helped, but haven’t noticed quite as much progress as I liked….well maybe this explains why. Anyways I love the videos. They’ve been helpful. Good stuff.

tylerdurdonxx says:

Today I did about a 30 minute stretch and noticed a big difference in how my body felt afterwards. Much looser. I’ll try to keep doing this every day if I can. I guess I’ll let you know in about a month of what kind of progress I’ve made. But thanks again. You’re a big help.

paramoreismysoul says:

Very great. Your very muscular. I am not a hockey goalie but a ringette goalie this sport is girls only but it is very simular to hockey. My favorite hockey goalie is Kipper! Go FLAMES> and he can do the splits I can do the splits on ice after a few stretches before going on ice and on. so i find these very helpful. but some of the straps on my pads have broken off…. have any tips for fixing pads or do i have to get new ones????

reedezycandrinkezy says:

what streches can i do to improve my butterflt because i suck at it and how lon will i have to to it for

kidman2505 says:

Wish I had this sort of resource back when I played, it’s all really brilliant stuff. Start picking stuff up in your videos earlier this month and it’s really getting me back to where I was back when :D

themafi1 says:

Hey Maria, thanks for your videos. As a starting goalie (hobby only 1-2per week) I am seeking advice on how to strech or on what do I need to focus on. I am 25yrs old.
Thank you in advance!

themafi1 says:

Thank you for the advice Maria! I will start with the myofascial release. I know that starting at this age as a goalie is too late, but main purpose of this is to have fun and I want to have my body more flexible only because I don’t want to hurt myself. ;)

hiller1957 says:

This is great! 51 yr old female goalie – had 4 years as goalie in late 20′s and back in the nets doing lessons with little boys, but fun!
Bad knees has me working on butterfly gently. MCL scarring from injuries last year when I tried to start and arthritis (I’m shocked!)
But I started with your first stretching exercises and feel it!
Thank you so much – if you’re on LI in NY, I’d love to get trained by you!
Again, you’re wonderful – thanks!

IrishDragonAOF says:

Ok the stand up groin stretch and upper body twist I can do, but wow, I can’t hold my legs together and seperate my feet anymore than maybe 10 inches. Any attempt standing up and slowly lowering into a butterfly position ends with my lower legs being parallel to eachother instead of V shaped. Given I’ve just started practicing, I will continue to try this daily and see if I have any improved results, but as of now, I have serious doubts about my legs inner rotation abilities.

alonsh1987 says:

i wanted to know when can i see flexibility results after starting to use myofascial release

alonsh1987 says:


ajmprovidence says:

Wow that stretch at 1:30 stretches where I have a recurring muscle pull. Thanks

angelo2940 says:

easy for you to say…you dont have a ball sack

dirtridr98 says:

It’s a chick?!

FelineFrenzy45 says:

are there any stretches that i can do to limber-up my back, it feels stiff and sore in the morning and i wasn’t sure if there are any stretches i can do for that. Thank you

FelineFrenzy45 says:

I’ve been doing these exercises for only a few weeks (I’ve only been playing goalie for about a month), and they actually help my back. I feel a lot less stiff after I do these stretches, I also came to the conclusion that it might be the mattress I sleep on because it’s an older mattress so it’s not very supportive. I was never a very flexible person, so it’s a slow process but these videos really do help!

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