Total Hockey Minnesota Training Video

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NHL players Zach Parise (New Jersey Devils) , Kyle Okposo (New York Islanders), Drew Stafford (Buffalo Sabres), and Casey Borer (Carolina Hurricanes) discuss…

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Res Sharma says:

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minute in the gym, then you should look closely this video tutorial
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brahmancheerleader1 says:

love love love me some hockey boys =]]

3stblue says:

Take a look at a interview of Cadel Lee Evans after he finishes the
Saint-Gaudens to Plateau de Beille 168.5km. stage of the Tour De France

3stblue says:

30 sec. shifts 20 min. a game and NHL guys are huffing and puffing during
their post game interviews, don’t get it.

drumacat says:

@3stblue ya cause they’re just walking around out there on the ice…

Brandon Bennett says:

He’s loyal to his home state, where he grew up! Sounds loyal to me. He
didn’t need to be loyal to NJ.

Camps2630 says:

Parise owns!!

haeley keilen says:

I go to total hockey minnesota 4 days a week in the summer for 2:30 hours
at a time and its really hard but it really pays off. My goal is to have my
name on the puke buket. My fav coach is cam.

sexydangles98 says:

amen minnesota pride

John J says:

@3stblue you dont get it cause you’ve probably never played hockey at a
really competitive level.

Jack Walsh says:

No one cares dickhead

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