Twist High Performance Conditioning Hockey Camps- BE READY

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Are you ready? Twist Sport Conditioning present’s the number 1 Hockey Camp in the World. Twist’s High Performance Hockey Conditioning Camps have helped players flourish in the NHL, make the jump to Pro Hockey, get drafted, earn scholarships, make Junior & top rep teams, and play to their peak potential. This video features players from our Twist Class of 2010 and 2011 including Chris Stewart (Colorado Avalanche), Mike Santorelli (Florida Panthers), Joel Ward (Nashville Predators), Karl Alzner (Washington Capitals), Wayne Simmonds (LA Kings), Mark Visentin (Team Canada World JR & Phoenix Coyotes 1st Round draft pick), plus hundreds more top NHL, Junior, College and Elite Midget Bantam players from around the world. Players have many choices for off season training. None offer the intensive coaching, individualized programming, innovative methods and proven success of Twist. Developed by Peter Twist and his Team of Elite Hockey Conditioning Specialists, the Twist Hockey Training Paradigm and High Performance Hockey Camps are recognized as the most innovative and foreword thinking in hockey. The Twist System will provide you with enhanced on-ice movement skills on and off the puck, increased speed, explosive stride power, first step quickness, hockey strength and balance, rotary core power and a highly developed anaerobic energy system which directly transfer to individual skating skills, puck skills and game tactics. Be part of our Class of 2012 and re-define your game

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Matej Koch says:

please name of the song  from 1:35

Eduardo Avila says:

One dude is not ready!

poprider1 says:

what a song?

KevinJC6669 says:

deadly might break into it

JoltyNoort says:

Linkin Park vs Orff – The Catalyst vs Carmina Burana (Djs From Mars Remix)

bouchser000 says:

this camp is like the best

bouchser000 says:

this seeems like a varry good camp i would really go if someone like me wants to do this camp u will be really good with your speed !!!! too bad they dont have it in Wisconsin :( ((

bouchser000 says:

i keep on watching this video thats how bad i love the camp lol

bouchser000 says:

ready :P PP

dangledanglegoal33 says:

how long is this for? and when?

WillPlaysNHL says:

how old do you have to be?

WillPlaysNHL says:

dude im fuckin doing this im so pumped after watching this video! anyone else?

Pilkarzinho says:

I’am the best in Recovery and regeneration.

TheeUrbanGentleman says:

Damn. I’ve been doing that pussy gary roberts nike program for a month.
That’s ape shit compared to this.

bouchser000 says:

i willl

socomnigga says:

I’m so ready for this

lokkingazzniggah says:

where do i sign up ?

hockeyalex13 says:

pause at 03:45 and look at that guys arms OMG

Tomáš Satke says:

I am not a hockey player, I don’t even fancy ice-hockey, but this video pumped me up so fucking much!

rouxbaix says:

100,000+ views. Nice!

Evan Eichler says:

110,000 views! I am proud to be a coach at Twist Conditioning! This summer is going to be off the charts!

Evan Eichler says:

Geese! We are huge in Russia!

KapitanAmer1ca says:

что за дуратские упражнения? лол
обычная качался, они херней страдают инфа 100%

KapitanAmer1ca says:

они многому бы и научились просто на льду

asdserega1289 says:

ты что хоккей не разу в жизни не играл ? в хоккее физическая сила добытая в качалке не меньше нужна чем мастерство и техника иначе просто размажут по льду и мокрова места не останется

IpEwPeWuQQ12 says:

what is this song name…

Derek Messer says:

This makes me want to train for hockey so bad. Whats the song called? I know its a mix but anywhere I can find it?

Jeremy Martens says:

thumbs up if howtohockeydotcom brought u here


5:30, Patrick Chan???? LOL!

White1nsane says:

I would gladly try this and give my best :) )

Wade Robson says:

definitely a “conditioning” or prehab, but not anything near training to increase performance on ice. Ask any of worlds best coaches to take an answer that basic lifts from powerlifting, weightlifting and maximal and supramaximal weight is the performance increaser not bossu trx and jerking off in the forest

Kaalifornia says:

5:05 Lol everyone are looking that girl :D D

Kaalifornia says:

Ministry – No W is one of the songs.

sskillafornia says:

wish there was a camp in california!!

sskillafornia says:

wish there was a camp in California!!

ICelionHC says:

Could you send me that mix of songs in e-mail? I really like it.

Charleen Muehlhause says:

Hello there! thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about jumping course known as Nobolaron Manual (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried Nobolaron Manual? I have heard many awesome things about it and my work buddy finally increase his jumping ability by using it, but he refuses to tell me :(

FantaaZtique says:


emmanuel junior øyasæter says:

wish there was a camp in Norway!!

emmanuel junior øyasæter says:

i think i will have to sign up on this thing

angarskhockey says:

if you think so,then you stuck in last century…look at the NHL players and others pros who participate in that training….it must tell you something ah?

rizzo69ca says:


rizzo69ca says:

that was funny…. but honestly you need to train exactly like you said but if you cant balance that size and be fast with it, youre fucked…. so jerking off on the bosu and trx in the forest is crucial to performace, as is strength and power :)

Wade Robson says:

Not at all, If you ask any worlds best balancers and body movers such as Ido Portal, they replied all same: balancing on bossu etc. is a motor skill, this skill is improved in very short term of time of training and then it isnt stimulus for body to adapt aymore. More than that, balancing on bossu, two bossus, two bossus with aquahit overhead etc. is good for creating motor skill of balancing on bossu but has little to no transfer to skating stability on ice.

IamNachoman says:

song is Linkin Park Vs Orff – The Catalyst vs Carmina Burana (Djs From Mars Bootleg Remix)

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