University of Minnesota Hockey Training Tips: Thomas Vanek

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Univesity of Minnesota hockey Thomas Vanek and strength and conditioning coach Cal Dietz, teach Ankle Band Work. “”Ankle Band Work is the main injury prvention exercise that we do, we want to strengthen the tendons. I do that for every one of my athletes. We want to strengthen the ankle, so that if the ankle does roll. As you see in the exercise you wrap your leg around the band, and then you pull on one side, and you resist, doing sets of 8-10. Then you take the resistance side and loosen up, pulling on the other side, and resisting the other way.”"

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kellyhrtsacting89 says:

im going there next spring

kellyhrtsacting89 says:

the spring after next

kellyhrtsacting89 says:

yah all school year

mmzm9297 says:

lets go buffalo

mmzm9297 says:

Thomas Vanek play in hl 4 the buffalo sabres

supernathan1234 says:

thank you i rolled my ankle 3 times this week

nelsoncards says:

how does this hurt your ankle? it helps…

if this hurts your ankle then u really need to stop playing sports in general.

BigSilky85 says:

Good tip, the only thing that reduces the pain and swelling in my ankle (I suffered two severe sprains in short succession) is doing stretching and band work.

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