USA Hockey Instructional Video “Off-Ice Training 1″

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This is an instructional video from USA Hockey teaching an off-ice training circuit.

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koh19 says:

that’s dangerous, you’re only supposed to do this circuit no more than twice a week. Every day is way too much for your muscles-you have to give them time to recuperate.

bordeauxjean says:

haha, shitty drills, probably why USA hockey is ranked 8th in the world today….LOL!!

T Poppa says:

i dont think they are 8th maybe at nmost 4th junoir team was 2nd. this stuff is great do this circuit 5 times and you’ll be pretty darn tired

hockeykid91 says:

thanks for uploading this

hockeykid91 says:

thanks for the info i will keep that in mind while training

mikeymodavis123 says:


SplitMilitia says:

YOUR SHIT u fucking beaner

mfoss06 says:

These exercises are a little outdated don’t you think. I think we are a little more advanced than this now

pacifickid9 says:

does canada have a training video

vint7107 says:

nope, but they got molsons and labatts

sextoys07 says:

what are those thin ladder you put on the floor called? to step on and off

sextoys07 says:

this isnt realy off ice training
its just normal training i do all that stuff allready.
i want to improve my game!!!!

locktonyup says:

its an agility ladder

Andrew George says:

no wonder usa is soft. this workout is fuckin soft. candadian hockey is fucking ten times harded. gym errr day of the week!

whshockey1020 says:

stfu. This is merely an instructional video. What gave u the idea that team usa does this? usa hockey is a magazine

owenboen67 says:

yeah hockey canada all the way!!!

owenboen67 says:

look for canadian training videos there is a really good one i saw.

wookierocker123 says:


Dashists22 says:

Actually, USA Hockey is not a magazine, its the national governing body of the hockey in the United States and it does control Team USA.

hockeyfreak9494 says:

team usa doesnt do this. its for the 14 and 15 year olds

AndyGaut says:

Looks like borat did a off ice fitness video!
Yasimas I like!

hockeyfreak9494 says:

no all they people commenting from canada did

fbhockey says:

may i please have a vote as to how many people do NOT know how to do a push up?

noppe321 says:

who cares if t isnt team usa it still shows u how to train

mattinglis14 says:

alot of people know how to do it but some people do it with their ass to high or too low… smart ass

helixfitness says:

very cool. Make sure to check out our revolutionary off ice hockey training machine on our page!

muptifour says:

you should stop masturbating and go to the gym with some classical machines and classical stretch exercices, that’s much more useful.

clavinovaMusic says:

Muy bueno! gracias por compartir!

drhockey14 says:

do you do the two circuits on different days? or do you do them both one after the other? i mean the one from video one and the one from video two btw

eoj019 says:

Are we sure this is really USA Hockey material? I just went through my level 3 Re-Certification. The classes on Core Strentgh/Dry Land Training were miles apart from this. A much, much higher level of intensity employing Pysio balls, Dyna disk, Medicine balls, broom sticks, Stretch cords, Plyometric boxes, agility ladders, dumbells…. Oh, some even used an actual hockey stick. ;-) This is so basic and frankly not very effective for anyone over a beginners level or any player over 12..

D34d1 says:

hm yes as portrayed they are not going to break any plateaus so to speak, but with some basic training knowledge this circuit can be effective. Certainly for high school athletes it is a great place to start.

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