Weight Transfer Explained – Hockey shooting principles – Complete Shot 4

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I talk about using your legs in your shot to get more power, and the importance of good weight transfer PRODUCT LINKS: HockeyShot – http://www.hockeyshot.com/?Click=16883 Scrappers Hockey -…

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TheHockeyfreak says:

Can you do a fun video on the between the legs move … Like hertl 

willy kraus says:


adirtykid says:

What about using turning your hips to generate power?

hockeysnipes 13 says:

how far should i shoot from im a right winger

Jap Singh says:

How do you recommend positioning your legs if your skating towards the
goal. Should i do the one leg thing like kessel

Kim Jigander says:

I see you are using the colt sticks in a lot of movies, has it become a
personal favorite? I have broken 2 sticks in 2 practices now so thinking
about buying it :P 

Caleb Osterhout says:

What exactly is a snap?

Paul R says:

I’m loving the channel!1

Keaton Munn says:

Great vid, very helpful

IcenineSantaMonica says:

Great Presentation Jeremy. Was teaching this today. Keep up the amazing

Adam Woods says:

I have been working on quick release snapshots, and now that I have the
form down I would like to learn how to get more power into them. I am
particularly interested in weight transfer on snapshots, and how to get
that right. Thanks in advance.

Dj PhEaL says:

Shirt is Dope!!!

TewksRedmen14 says:

Hey great video, but I was wondering if you could explain the shot process
for facing the net as that’s how most shots are taken. There is a much
different weight transfer when you are facing the net than when you are
parallel to the net

Lukey Luke says:

You have destroyed your hockey net 

The Hockey Movement says:

Video #4 in our series, 1 more to go for a complete shot!

A Pags says:

Is it possible to make a video on some leg work outs (preferably) something
to do without going to the gym. 

HockeyShot.com says:

Add power to your shot with effective weight transfer.

From Jeremy Rupke @thehockeymovement

Video –> http://buff.ly/1vPnlYB

Those Extra Hours Training Will Pay Off!

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