What to do with broken hockey sticks – Improve stickhandling

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Broken hockey sticks can be very useful for improving your stickhandling and other skills. We’ll show you how to save money on hockey training aids. Check out what you can do from home to make…

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Slap Shot Hockey says:

That is such a good idea! BTW I subbed, sub back?

Venom Eagle says:

The blue warrior stick What is the name? Whit dragons 

Taras Cheprakov says:

Where can I get one for those stick blade protectos?

I’m in Australia btw. Overseas website would be fine too.

lordunborn says:

I am floored at this. Just an AWESOME tutorial.
Thank you so much!

KevinAwesome Martin says:

That’s awesome! Definitely gonna try this thanks :D 

ogtsui says:

very cool

Angel Toledo says:

Wow never really thought of doing this GREAT VIDEO BTW

ml k says:

This DIY might just make it to my driveway.

John R says:

Can you make a step by step detail instruction? Like on instructables?

Martim Cabral says:

Do a lot more videos more often

Hockey Tutorial says:

Broken sticks can be very useful. See how you can save money on expensive
training products and improve your stickhandling with broken sticks

Andrew C says:

i made a bench took years but its pretty cool

Joffasco24 says:

Chris you were on you’ve been framed like 10 seconds ago haha

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