Agility Dot Drill – Footwork Drill – Exercise Tips & Ideas

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The dot drill is great for building footwork, speed, and coordination. It’s also a fun exercise to get in shape. Great addition to any exercise program. Go to

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halojango78 says:

you usually do 6 of each set. I suck at it in my school, and I get 53 sec. most can get around 40 sec.

beastlybeast62696 says:

pro football players too

mrjefftoyou says:

My couch just wants me to lay on it and watch Tv. OH YOU MEAN COACH!

MrJoed1211 says:

is there a fastforward in some part of this video?….

dylanbarton82 says:

you do 6 on each one


I did my first time in 54 seconds

Densone7 says:

are u suppose to do this slow or fast ? just wondering nd how long do i have to do this to see results ? thanks

guitarnukka724 says:

so on the single leg ones, how it starts back right, then middle, then front right, front left, middle, back left..
would it be alright to do the exact opposite with your left foot instead of doing both feet the same ?

guitarnukka724 says:

you’re supposed to do it as fast as you can, it’s for agility/speed.

Densone7 says:

@guitarnukka724 thnks

Riley Davis says:

Eah. Im just gonna watch TV instead.

DonkeysSkull says:

5 times for each type of jump, as fast as you can, and do it everyday. it only takes about a minute. so you have all the time in the world everyday to do it. you should get results if keep doing it

DonkeysSkull says:

i did mine in 40, big deal, this workout is huge at my highschool

Swishes87 says:

no you didnt

DonkeysSkull says:

okay 43, still thats alot better than most of you

Densone7 says:

@DonkeysSkull thanks man :)

shemzirox says:

anyone else reminded of hopskotch?

imfrshlikeuhh says:

He kinda fucks up at the end ya?

Jokerizbadass says:

I was fucking horrible at this shit lol

lilrat489 says:

I used to hate these drills during highschool football. I was a lineman.

ucladan1982 says:

yeah he fucked it up at the end! i was a dot drill guru haha

ForwardinFootball says:

Everything you will ever need to know about soccer development and conditioning . . .









chukacua says:

fast forward!

Evan12300 says:

whats song called

greatmustic2012 says:

We do six repetitions on each type

wowdezare says:

you are supposed to do this very fast.

follow the routine that he did in that order. there is a pattern. 6 reps for each variation. one minute is a good time. I think pro football players do it in 40 seconds.

wowdezare says:

6 or 5 im not sure for some reason i remember my high school teacher telling us 6.

MrChessnuts says:

lol im training for football right now my coach is only telling us 3

willm515 says:

It’s supposed to be 6 officially. I used to do my dot drill in 10 seconds.

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