Bonus Hockey Off-Ice Training Drill! Reaction Stand for Goalies

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Netminders can specifically benefit from this drill. But it’ll help any skater react quicker. For more hockey training drills, trainers’ insight and to get S…

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TheDasaniwaterbottle says:

i twitched when he said go haha

MrWewill11 says:

I do this in wrestling and I hate it it is not for people with bad knees
and are nit in the best shape

ziggy8392 says:

He’s 40 and was able to carry his team into game 6 of the finals. Brodeur
is one of the only real goalies left

Petri Kastinen says:


brad441 says:

Coming up on both knees at the same time is awful on both the knees and
hips. You want to get on on one knee at a time to react to the puck better
with my explosive power and quickness.

Tommy Paxton says:

@stein102 martin brodeur is using windows 98. his style is outdated and he
really doesn’t stack up to nhl goalies nowadays.

stein102 says:

@pax2929 Funny, because I’ve heard Martin Brodeur say the exact same thing
as he did. I’d assume Marty is more qualified than you are.

Eric Mcneil says:

I just did this in my room and did it quicker than the kid in the video

kovalev274life says:

this is much harder than it looks

Tommy Paxton says:

@brad441 wrong wrong and wrong, take a lap.

infoHITHOCKEY says:

Goalies, need an affordable way to train off ice? YouTube “Rollerfly”

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