Dryland Hockey Tiles Review – Sweet Hockey Slick Dryland Hockey Training Tiles

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Get yours at http://hockeytutorial.myshopify.com/collections/hockey-training-product Full article – http://hockeytutorial.com Facebook – http://facebook.com/…

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bradigor says:

These look fantastic and exactly when we need at home. I love that you
aren’t tied into buying a set size and can build based on your needs over

WishingBiscuit says:

You’re really good, do you play for a team? if not a team is missing out on
a great forward!

Hockey Tutorial says:

You could if it wasn’t too bumpy, but it would be much better on a flat
hard surface

OmarR24 says:

i ordered some and its nearly been over a week and i haven’t received them
yet. what should i do!

Sanjose98 says:

Can you ice skate on them like sythetic ice

matt181818100 says:

Where do I buy some

BehindTheTutorials says:

N.V – Touch the sky, he is a personal friend and his music is available for
free download at hockeytutorial. com

BehindTheTutorials says:

Just moved house so not at the minute, but I’ll be back on soon. Thanks for
your kind words

HyperionZzz says:

Could I put this on grass?

Lucas Luedtke says:

No they’re specifically made for stickhandling and shooting but you can
rollerblade on them.

solarstorm99 says:

it works best to put an insulation layer underneath them, like a rubber
surface, like under-carpet. That will stop the tiles from moving.

Tombauer97 says:

What do you mean slides a lot? Are you talking about the tiles sliding
around or the wheels sliding on the tiles?

Hockey Tutorial says:

You can but it slides around A LOT !

TheBruins28 says:

Song? When your testing it?

Chase Mcvey says:

Can you roller blade on them 

thatoneguy! says:

is it 19£ for each indivdual tile?

yanis zerkhfaoui says:

expensive af

masteh defind says:

I thought each box was 5ft by 4ft… so 3 boxes are 15ft by 12ft?

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