GoPro Hockey Shooting Video

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First Hockey Video on This Channel, expect much more!

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daniel loppez says:

Ahah fuckin faggot stealing othr people vids tahaha

LowEndHockey says:

Alright sorry man

BruinsCupChampions says:


DudesieBoy14 says:

Nice shots. Can you maybe give me a shoutout!

nhlrangers24 says:

Sick vid

BruinsCupChampions says:

I run this channel too

LowEndHockey says:

Nice man, you stole BruinsCupChampion’s video.

Hero2Footage says:

My friend that runs the BruinsCupChampions channel runs this channel with
me and he posted the video himself, so calm down

nick martin says:

Nice shots

FrozenPuckHockey says:

Which GoPro? And nice shots!

Cole MacIntosh says:

Subbed sub back?

Walter Cranston says:

Reminds me of how i’ll be spending my summers

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