Hockey Goalie Drills Tim Thomas camps

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NHL All Star Tim Thomas: Hockey Goalie Drills series from the Tim Thomas Hockey Camp.

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Todd Smith says:

That instructor looks brutal…can barely move.

ChoppSucki says:

Yeah I attended an Eli Wilson camp over the winter break and it was pretty
good. My favourite is still ATC (Above the Crease). The coaches are all
encouraging and they have a great sense of humour.

Whenipwnedu says:

Im a habs fan, i LOVE carey PRICE, im a goalie and i will say Timmy has
skill but his style is unteachable and kids today should be taught butterfly

pingpong1987 says:

Tim Thomas is a great goalie but, his style is unique and should not be
taught (in my opinion)

1234turns says:

young goalies should be incouraged to make their own style of play some of
the best goalies to ever play have a unique style of play. i have noticed
that goalies that learn the butterfly young are the weakest goalies has
they age

dylan dobson says:

i wish i could be traind

Owen Moy says:

Is this camp still around

richardsouthwell52 says:

I use to have those exact same tps pads when i was 13, im 24 now.

ChoppSucki says:

When I’m not at camp? Well I assume you mean how I keep in shape so usually
I play street hockey with my friends or get them to take shots on me. I
also sit at the bottom of the stairs in my house and bounce a rubber ball
off of them to work on my glove. Now I’m not sure how well this works but,
you can try to read the license plates of cars as they pass to works on
your eye movement. Again I’m not sure how well it works but it’s worth a
try. Good luck!

porrrto says:

The buitterfly/profly style works best for big bodies with slower reaction
time. Tim’s style is a hybrid butterfly/paddle down/stand-up, much like
Martin Brodeur is a hybrid. Goalies start so young and there body types can
change drastically through the teenage years. Exposure to each style should
be taught by any reputable goalie school. Do you think great goalies like
Cujo and Mike Richter would have survived at 5’8ish if everytime they took
a shot they exposed 3/4 of the net?

Drewongo says:

If you’re going to go to a goalie school I recommend Eli Wilson Goaltending

reptidan says:

Because he is a coach?

TThockeycamp says:

Good discussion entries and questions. At the camp, we are not teaching any
one style. We teach fundamentals on and off the ice to goalies as well as
skaters (forwards and D). The camp is not about teaching a specific style,
it’s about working with each player, so they understand the position and
become comfortable with fundamentals. Only then we can expand on it,
depending on each player’s strengths, weaknesses and what they want to
accomplish – kids or adults, we all want to keep improving.

Kathryn Chernobrov says:

How old is that 4? Im an 11 year old goalie… btw im a girl :)

Toxic Highway Recordings says:

Even though I’m in my NHL prime age-wise, and therefore have no shot at
playing any kind of professional-level hockey, if I could afford it, I
would still so go to one of these. I’ve heard all kinds of positive things
about them, and it just looks fun as hell.

carey price fan says:

y is the kid not wearing a goal mask

Cory Schneider says:

that little kid in the red jersey is a natural haha!

galuiboo says:

That kid in tps pads is better then i thought

Toxic Highway Recordings says:

@feb225 No. They have both youth camps (ages 6-17) and adult camps for ages

Mrfostie says:

If this is the Tim Thomas camp, at what point to they start making
ammunition and raise an army to overthrow the government?

BitchslapBallsack says:

there u go… there u go…. good job… there u go

Jeffrey Dotson says:

Good work guys! Check this out!

Mitchell Shoykhet says:

is tim thomas at that camp? do they have different possissions?

v57Videos says:

@pingpong1987 Why should it not be taught, exactly? Because it’s unique?
Patrick Roy’s butterfly was ‘unique’ at the time too. I don’t see why
people care, as long as they keep the puck out of the net. That’s their
job, plain and simple.

ajpinoyhiphop73 says:


Jeffrey Dotson says:

What do you do while your not at camp? Check my vids! Yours in goaltending

Evan Tisby says:

that kid in black is amusing to watch!, i love when goalies play that
style! i’ve tried playing like that but it never clicked with me so i went
back more playing like price’s style

GeneticBrothersHD says:

The kid in the black jersey is Hasek Jr. :P 

Al Burbank says:

This is the camp on camera. When the camera is off:

Thomas: “Ok he is on a breakaway, here’s what to do. Do a back flip and you
will scare him away.”
Kid: Uhhhh.. Ok.

makkybrodeur30 says:

the kid with the the black pads reminds me of dominik hasek

qanik qanik says:

yup hasek is a good comparison reminder. Alot of ridiculous comments on
here. dropping into a butterfly for every shot is not mandatory nor smart.
Played stand up goalie in the 80′s and we were taught to keep the puck out
any way possible- henc “Battle”- Thomas who I met multiple times at UVM
took the modern butterfly and turned it into a “battle fly” Many Goalie
coaches now will tell you the kids butterfly techniques are unbelievable to
a point of near perfection in some 16-18 y/o but they have lost the
agressive do whatever is needed to keep the puck out when they are flipped
out of their technique routine. Watch the kid in white- very good
technique- t push is good, side to side is good, butterfly is good, stance
is good, gloves and waffle are correct. Watch the kid in black- all over
the place. Skating is not correct, pad style is not correct ( way beyond a
hybrid) gloves are all over the place as is stick. BUT he is aggressive not
afraid of the puck and is all overthe place and stopping all the shots- ill
take that as a coach all day over the robot. I Remember going to a camp by
Billy “hatchet” Smith in the early 80′s what a blast-used to do drill to
see who could be the most uncoventional goalie! now you want to talk about
an out to lunch dude- wow!

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