Hockey Off Ice Gym Workout Part 1 – How To Improve Skating & Leg Explosive Speed, Power And Strength

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Gym workouts for ice hockey players to improve their skating/leg speed, power and strength with squats, jumps and lunges. Full article – http://hockeytutoria…

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hockeyfreak23 says:

Thx for the vid I’ve been trying to fine what workouts are the best

James Downing says:

Just tried this at them gym and I’m killing. Awesome workout

johncons123456 says:

Thanks! More videos like this one, please :)

Hockey Tutorial says:

Thank you for watching, I hope you’ll subscribe and share them

James Downing says:

M8 this video is awesome, been waiting for a good hockey workout vid. Nice

Wixxgriffel21 says:

Good Video

M. A. Nandana Muhudugama says:

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bjjnova says:

maybe should be a little deeper in the squat ….

jacquie harder says:

i’m doing a about a hundred a day

jacob fleming says:

how many sets do we do?

Jack DiGiovanni says:

“Should be in every single program that you ever do. Most effective
exercise their is.” 0:56
#hockeygains #gains #truth 

moonshine2b1 says:

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gontirik gouton says:

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CoolColJ says:

butt wink – poor mobility

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