Hockey Off-Ice Training

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Shows some of what occurs in a typical off-ice training session at my facility

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helixfitness says:

make sure to check out our revolutionary ice hockey training machine – the Helix. We have videos showcasing this new hockey training machine!

theonecritic1 says:


whoami1488 says:

how often should you do these drills ?

egreg16 says:

That is a really obnoxious soundtrack.

Tyler Wallace says:

Ya man make sure you step out far enough. Like really far

joeyisfunny says:

That girl has some LEGS!!! DAMN!

das1418 says:

Wow. Wow. Wow. Are you guys in Orlando, FL?! I’ve been looking for something like this out here, because I want to get back into hockey for university…..

guitarguy782 says:

you know if we all had that eqiupment it would be much easier

2BasementBoys says:


666bobster says:

wow too bad that blonde chick did that vid in nude and could of gave me a work out

xJoseexVidzz says:

3:14 OMG

PatronSaint210 says:

You can take a small pipe about an inch to an inch and a half and fill it with concrete. This works well. Around here in south illinois where sport shops with lots of items are rare you gotta improvise lol.

eoj019 says:

As a 40 year hockey player/coach, this is some of the better stuff I’ve seen. These excercises done right should build nice quick twitch muscles and a powerful core. Would be curious how they are used in a cycle/program… Nice form by the way…

FhmPhantomzz says:

can i use this song on a video too??

Frylok1177 says:

Why did all the videos after the first one be of the canes scoring on the devils?

hockeyloverdb says:

women don’t exist simply for your viewing pleasure. grow up.

RawBeTea says:

Check out Ultimate Hockey Training’s Promo Video, with Clips of workouts and more to come!

Joey77654 says:

These our great exercises however there is no difference between these workouts and other major sports. This is plyometrics football players do the same.

iamawesome3121 says:

what are you holding at 1:20?

adaptation97 says:

That quote from Napoleon at the beginning makes no sense to a hockey training video. But its NAPOLEON!!!

madmike5423 says:

they are faking

Annevanz says:

sick push upssss

hockey91ninjawarrior says:

pretty good, except the punching drill. Absolutely no benefits from that, and you’re punching incorrectly…

MrDreamBlind says:

Because I have all that stuff at the house.

MrDreamBlind says:

I was wondering how the EFF he was doing those…..spring loaded

Marcel Tantuc says:

@adeqtcc yep i agree. I was looking everywhere for the best way to put on huge muscles mass. btw! really I encourage you set aside just 10 minutes and make up your mind for yourself. I found this video here ==>

SuperHockeyskills says:

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