Hockey Shooting Pad Review

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GET IT HERE – This is a review of a Hockey Shooting Pad by REAL hockey players. We take this shooting pad to the street and see if it is a worthy purchase.

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insaneboy683 says:

My Grandfather put soap and water all over my new shooting pad trying to clean it (without my permission). Is it ruined?

howtohockeydotcom says:

no, it should be fine, just rinse it off and let it dry.

MrHockeylord8 says:

How can i clean my shooting pad?

insaneboy683 says:

Well I bought a new one, so now I have two! :) If one breaks, I have a backup at least. Great tool.

SuNoFgOd18 says:

It’s nice and long and don’t forget smooth lollz

itchockey says:

itchockey(dot)weebly(dot)com For all you hockey needs!!

takumisensei says:

sweet! I want one!!!

BreAsaurusRex says:

1:30 thats what she said

CrackedIpodCase says:

i see ur from canada i think well can u get it from walmart, canadian tire, or somethin?

bitchasswolfboy says:

u guys can just go to an hockey arena in stead of buying them from Walmart an see if the have old boards that they dont need thats what my dad did for me.

Flyersfan2018 says:

Is it gonna be like slippery like that all the time, or would you need to put pledge on it

ThePurdydude says:

What size are u using in this vid

ThePurdydude says:

What size are u using in this

ThePurdydude says:

What size are u using in this

Nico23STO says:

Any Idea where I can get it ? I’m from germany but I want one ! :D

meatmaster55 says:

Which is better Jermy for shooting and stickhandling Shooting pad: junior dryland floor tiles or synthetic ice please respond as quick as possible Thanks!

insaneboy683 says:

Sorry, just got this message. Both are good, a shooting pad is probably ideal for shooting and the price is probably better… we’ll talk more

xfeelfree says:

Honestly a great drill with this board is putting a blindfold on your head doesnt matter what and stick handling with the puck to get the feel of the puck so you dont have your head down all the time while skating.

RunescapeHaxify says:

To keep the surface nice and smooth would Pledge be ideal, or something else?

Chance Waxman says:

mine isn’t slidy what should ii do?

Machonch13 says:

Hey i was just wondering what you would think would be a better option. I’m looking to get a shooting pad and not sure which one between the roll up and the one is this video. I will be using it for shooting and stick handling mostly. I will also be using it on grass and pavement. What one would you suggest? Anything helps!


videogamefreaks101 says:

I got a giant shooting pad. It’s about 3.5 by 10. All it is is panel board from home depot. It’s in the lumber section and it’s only $10! All u do is spray pledge on it to make it slippery and thats it. It honestly works just as good or better than an official shooting pad. And about $40 cheaper….win win

BlackHawksx24 says:

for the shooting pad, should you spray it with pledge, or leave it like it is? anyone respond

videogamefreaks101 says:

@BlackHawksx24 spray it with pledge it won’t hurt anything.

buckyrodgers25 says:

reallyyy?? i have a small piece of wood that i am using, and i was looking 2 get something a bit bigger. im gonna look in Home Depot, thanks!

jipmip2332 says:

I have the tape2tape and it kinda sticks up, part of it on the side and when I push down it will kind of warp and somewhere else will stick up. What can I do? I can’t figure out how to smooth it down.

willy9595 says:


willy9595 says:

wut size is it

willy9595 says:

leave it like it is!!!!

716pierce says:

mine stopped sliding as easy as it used to… there is kind of resistance now… what do u use to clean or “slick” it up again?

allprosportsdawgs98 says:

Use pledge

Creamian67 says:

lol Gravenhurst

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