Hockey Training – Agility Training Mistakes

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Close – Maria Mountain, MSc shares the number one hockey training mistake she sees when skaters and goalies are trying to develop …

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msanna4 says:

Hi Maria, great video. Love your tips. I’d like to know what’s the
work:rest interval for agility drills ? Can I do exercises as a circuit or
I better insert core or stability work between each agility drill ? My
second question would be how much agility drills should I include in my
training and how long should I do them and how often in a week should I use
agility training ? I’m doing your HTB program right now but my coach told
me I needed more agility. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Marc Rotman says:

good training philosophy and concepts

arpeggiosmaster says:

You are a genious! How is it possible that this vid is not viral among

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