hockey training equipment

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ball return device to improve accuracy, reflexes, hitting and trapping

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sk8erkid515 says:

lol i agree ice hockey is way beter

matt321687956 says:

u call that hockey… give me a BREAK

nahockey360 says:

HOCKEY… played on ICE and those field hockey sticks are CRAP!

austS17 says:

firld hockey suxk

MangoTango1222 says:

haha. i think so too

VanHalenRulze says:

field hockey is for fagots!

TheNewHotness23 says:

field hockey is for girls only why the hell u 30+ playing field hockye…..QUEER


Nick5001 says:

you suck go play ice hockey

zidlickyfan1 says:

fuck field hockey it can suck a nut haha real men play ICE HOCKEY!!!!

hockeyplayaz561 says:

Play real hockey, Not fucking broomstick ass shit.

Nick5001 says:

field hockey sucks he wasted the user name as well

oilcountry44 says:

field hockey is not hockey, fuck.

Wade101mawk says:

haha omg feild hockey shouldnt named after ice hockey the best sport! Fucking look like fags playing that

skillzdatkillz900 says:

actually, field hockeys been around longer than ice hockey, but i agree that FIELD HOCKEY IS FOR PUSSYS!!! IICE HOCKEY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick5001 says:

Field Hockey is Fake Hockey

Ice Hockey is Real Hockey

jojosfreakshow1 says:


crunchingbodycheck says:

ass monkey

Scottdahockeyman15 says:

WTF? Field hockey? Who the hell plays that?

mikapoil11 says:

Much fun……..

dfins109 says:

I would love to see the Canadian mens ice hockey team play in the summer olympic field hockey game and just cause a ruckus.

they would dummy those field hockey pansies

salata1500 says:

what size is it

MrNjdevilsfan30 says:

field hockey is basically for people that cant skate or hit a 4×6 goal

DmX99x says:

what the fuck is need a real hockey stick!

Abdullah Elnaggar says:


Luke Tuite says:

the origin of this crap was when a bunch of old ppl in a retirement home watched hockey and wanted to play it, they could not afford hockey sticks so they used theyre canes and no one was good because it isnt a sport and it is gay so the old ppl realized they were retards and went back to watching the news and complaining that a black man is president. true story

aNorthernRedneck47 says:

hahahahah lmao

DerPatrick says:

I met this guy, he’s a former hockey professional and he invented this hockshot-thing and IT’S AWESOME. I’ve been training with this for 5 weeks and now I’M AWESOME TOO.
Cheers Kiwi, NJoy!

XTPimplik says:

nah field hockey is pretty sick.. but ice is better :D

jenn3767 says:

That isn’t even a hockey stick that’s a field hockey stick. So the title of the video should be Field Hockey Training Equipment.

laxman123332 says:

and thats what she said

tim34ful says:

what is it??

Legolover0716 says:


GreatRepublicanGamin says:

field hockey pussy

Kim Thivierge says:

I’m 6’3 and field hockey is a back breaker… good luck kids!

hockeygrinder9 says:

isnt field hockey supposed to b 4 girls

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