How to make hockey shooting practice more fun

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LINK to products and more ideas – In this video I am shooting off a roll up shooting pad and using the ez goal hockey net with the backstop. You can find links to the products in the link above. In this video I show you a few ways that you can make your hockey shooting practice a bit more fun. A lot of hockey players like to take shots, but after a while it gets a bit boring. Here are a few quick ideas to make target practice more entertaining.

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anthonynm5 says:

Hey check out my shots more to come sub to me!

MrWegmen says:

Wats a good outdoor stick, like one tat will last long on asphalt

DirtyDangles55 says:

I wouldn’t reccomend a composite stick, go with a wooden one or even one with a plastic blade on ashphalt.

brandonhockey17 says:

Does your ez hockey net still fold ? Mine is dented up so I can’t properly fold it any more.

superhockeysniper8 says:

sick shades ;)

iAgentFuego says:

1st i said to myself was damn where can i get that shirt!! sure enough second later get the answer..sweet! haha

snipeguy14 says:

Upload a new vid

kpfries94 says:

Nice to see that high quality “EZ Net” is sure holding up well for you ;)

TheHockeyGuy777 says:

Nice vid

kep67 says:

I’d like to get a roll-up pad. Does the type of tape matter? My son has been playing for 4 yrs, we use a sticky black tape on the blade, wouldn’t this leave a build-up residue on the pad? should we use a non-sticky tape instead?
we beat all the tape off our sticks last night after 1/2 hour on the street, I need to find a fiberglass tape to cover the blade.
I’m 45, my 11 yr old is kicking my butt out there.
I hope to start playing this winter
so I need that pad to practice.

LeGuavaJuice says:

can you guys do a video for one on ones for defensemen, like when and how to step up and take the body? I’m a defenseman and i have horrible timing with stepping up

declan i-g says:

i used a bucket cuz i couldn’t find a tire, *goes takes a tire from random parked car *

GAMELORD1308 says:

does the ez goal come with the corner nets or whatever their called

XxBosSGill69Xx says:

make a new video!!

cute20333 says:

What kind of shooting pad is that

t0nyc0lin says:

do you have a coupon code for the floor tiles

Jesse Lange says:

Nice shot!!!!

cute20333 says:

You can get the ezgoal at Costco

Erdwurm1 says:

The cashier surely thought you are buying those letters to write Penis instead of snipe

h0ckeyboy91 says:

did u gget another rs? this one seems to have an iginla curve? didnt u have a getzlaf to start then a hall or something?

MrRookie26 says:

the one in this video is clearly a hall curve

h0ckeyboy91 says:

sorry, i cant tell exactly

xkillingxtime says:

with those letters, you can also spell penis…

MrJetsfan123 says:

I saw letters P,N and S, and I was like….oh shit, its about to get dirty up in heeyah

disser01 says:

hows the ez goal holding up, its looks pretty battered

hockeykid216 says:

thats very cool:)and i subscribed pleas sub back!thanks

TheMrbumpersticker says:

Nice shirt nice shades and nice shots

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