Off Ice Hockey Training

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Off ice exercises to improve hockey performance utilizing Val Slides.

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shakeandbake12321 says:

good ideas il try that for sure!!!

dumbpolak99 says:

keep ur head up

tim1216 says:

cool but ull get rocked if u have ur head down like that

rainmaker308 says:

god what is that song called

xrabbit21xslo says:

That’s how you are leading the “puck” i mean BALL…and your holding a stick…just little hit and you don’t have your stick anymore…and no ball…
you must look up…if you are a hockey player…or someone will kill you on ICE…straight in you and welcome in ER(emergency)

nickmaster500 says:

Check out my site nickmaster500 please subsc ribe me if you do ill subscribe you to

helixfitness says:

cool video! make sure to check out our revolutionary off ice hockey training machine, the Helix. We have videos showcasing this new machine!

4921602 says:

his hands are too close to his body when he stick handles but other than that it is a great video

sk8jake1798 says:

if he held the stik like dat in a game…he wouldve gone picked everytime…trust me

xPerfectionlst says:

english please.

77billet says:

put a piece of paper or cardboard under ur foot. there i just saved u 20 dollars

Training4teen says:

what’s the song?

wantoncheong2 says:


-Best of you (:

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