Off-Ice Pro Hockey Training Workout

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Close London, Ontario based hockey trainer, Maria Mountain, MSc share one of the exact workouts that she used to train her pro hockey players in August of 2010. See how she works on flexibility, stability, strength, speed and stamina. This off ice hockey workout is specifically for hockey players – not bodybuilders. Visit http to get more training tips and to sign up for your Ultimate Core Training for Hockey guide.

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Piers Fleming says:

thanks! very helpful

malmoceltic says:

the stretching videos have been a blessing. cheers!

Metal66671 says:

I would like to thank you for posting these videos on the web! This helped a lot! Thanks!

MrMarc1220 says:

whats the best workout to make rep hockey i am 13 yrs old and i amin minor bantam

Jekka67 says:

I am 12 and play goalie and Live in England we dont get a lot off coaching over here so I want to do some off ice to do with my butterfly cos I hardly use my pads so could I please have some help any ideas will be used Thanx for the mint videos so far :)

Jekka67 says:

Yeah Thanx I have been doing some stretches on here every morning should I do them more often I really want to improve and get up to starting keeper as I am back up :)

MultiBainbridge says:

i have a foam roller

cam12345777 says:

you fucking suck

SuperHockeyskills says:

Hey everybody check out my new channel and subscribe. I know their isnt much uploaded yet but their is much to come so please subscribe (come on I said please) :) oh and repost this on 5 videos (but change “my new channel” to SuperHockeyskills channel) thanks a ton!!! Oh and if you do repost it on 5 other videos I will subscribe to you!

Randomstlhero says:

Hoping you will see this. Will rollerbladding ruin my Ice hockey stride? I know it will improve my stamina but I keep reading it will ruin other things.

Maria Mountain says:

I do not hate rollerblading for hockey players – it is not the same, but nor is running or anything else. I would not do it all the time and I would be careful not to get lazy about your stride. So make sure you stay low and take full strides. Mix it in to your other stamina training – so don’t only use the rollerblades.

Randomstlhero says:

Thanks Maria, this helped a lot.

I will be rollerblading once a week maybe twice but I will also run and ride a bike a few times as well.

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