ProHybrid Training DVD Vol. 1-hockey goaltending drills tips techniques

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WWW.PROHYBRIDTRAINING.COM -THE WAIT IS OVER…ProHybrid Training provides today’s goaltenders with the most current, efficient and effective system to stop the puck. We focus on athletic movement, Precise positioning and efficient save execution. In addition to net movement and puck stopping mechanics, PHT drills our goaltenders extensively on puck handling skills. A ProHybrid goalie effectively reads the situation. According to that read the goalie then applies the system. PHT strives to develop intelligent goalies that study and know the system. The ProHybrid goalie is an athlete that executes the correct mechanics in order to maximize and efficiently use their athletic ability. Through hard focused work, our goalies are instilled with a work ethic and sense of pride for the position. The DVD includes The 3 Setups–PHT Concepts–Movement–Position–Save Execution–Net Play–Puck Handling–1on1 Instruction–Pro and Youth Demonstrations w/ Voiceovers–Slo mo instant replays–Insightful on screen graphics The DVDis for sale on my website: The DVD runs 40 mins and cost $39.95.

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BostonStateOfMind says:

I think this tecniques are great, for a goalie that’s tall and has had experience. i’m looking for a vid for golies who are new smaller than average and Haven’t played a Real game of Ice Hockey(I HAVE played pick up games with friends and spend 2 hours daily on street hockey with my brother-an excellent shooter). Also This for goalies who have a lot of finesse and whose style is graceful and orthodox. I would compare my style, Not Skill, to Tim Thomas.

Someone Message me a Vid with those

hockeyhoy says:

i’m sorry people who dislike this but this is THE best goal tending style in the world i really wish that i Could do camps! but, my family has no money and we live in California :P these videos are practically my only source of training and i can tell you that this has upped my game to practical the best i can be without actual hands on training. so for those of you who don’t like this style, good luck.

Casey Kaiser says:

2:33 his stick isnt even covering 5 holoe. he leads with his stick…. crap

Medysonball says:

more or less, Canadian or Czech in my opinion

rememberthename33 says:

Are you actual trying to get people to go watch your shitty little video of you playing hockey? and you’re calling this guy a loser? wow.

adrchandler says:

0o0 im the 200th like :D

ButtcrustiesWithJam says:

dose any one have any tips for butterfly speed crawl because some times i lose my edge when i do it

The31AARON says:

sharpen your skates and dig your toe in hard. if you dont have the leg strength try lifting your lead leg (the one hats flush to the ice) to start practicing. when sliding keep that lead leg pointed to where you want to go or you wont get there. a lot of goalies sharpen their skates to have a better butterfly style play.

kmerkulov1 says:

fuck you little shet bag suck my balls I have great skill playing for the best Russian Ice Hockey Team CSKA RED ARMY

rememberthename33 says:

I don’t care where you play you go around on other goalies video (who are much better than you) and say “you suck” and “watch my video” well guess what I watched your video and you fucking suck balls at hockey so why don’t you shut the fuck up and go get better before insulting other goalies because you are clearly jealous of their ability.

vaughngoalie35 says:

where i can download this for free? links, please

Guzaramixo says:

Very nice video, this’ll help me train the little goalies on my brother’s team. :)

mmrotax says:

this is so wrong and old goalietraning.

Husky355 says:

very very nice. i can use this on this ice in practice but one thing to give you a tip on, after you stop the puck with your glove, bring it into your chest instead of just holding your glove where you caught the puck.

sargentallen9 says:

im a goalie and i knew that stuff since i started skating at 2 and im ten

sargentallen9 says:

it’s not old training it’s used every were and i know that because ive bin a goalie for 6 years im 10 but i know alot

ziggy8392 says:

And what happens to goalies who go into the butterfly when guys go top shelf? I know that the butterfly style is all the rage these days, but it’s so very flawed

gnrfreak25 says:

keep body up, react with gloves. its not that flawed, lower shots are much harder to control/stop

ziggy8392 says:

Lower shots are still difficult to control when in the butterfly. And once you’re down, you need more time to get your glove up to the same place it would be if you were still up. Maybe I’m just weird for making an unusual amount of stick saves so staying up longer fits me better

gnrfreak25 says:

whatever works for you i guess. there’s no wrong way to play goalie as long as you stop the puck.

ProHybrid3 says:

lol just typed in meh name and got here XD :)

drgrumpaloo143 says:

im going as goalie next year but i dont know what kind of gear i should get pls help thanks

StanleyCup401 says:

@drgrumpaloo143 what exactly do you need help with?

tigerXarc says:

just saying,i agree but this video was made in 2008

SN011GlobeTrot says:

Whats so wrong with it lol. Seems like this goalie training system is pretty sound.

mmrotax says:

Im a goalie in sweden. I play pretty high level and i know that this traning is wrong.

Husky355 says:

lol no its not

mmrotax says:

haha i think iknow better then you. when im a goalie…

wwwK90 says:

So? Zachary is/was a goalie at a higher level then you.

wwwK90 says:

Name 5 things wrong or as many. Europeans have a different way of teaching. Finland is the best. You guys are also taught to have the glove facing different angles then the puck. Ala the kipper glove which is good for him but could be better.

Gabby Duga says:

Finnish and Canadian goaltenders plays differently, the Finns play aggresively between the angles on the goal crease while the Canadians rely heavily on a reacting save and defencemans to block or save the goal. Miika Kippursoff, Roberto Luongo, Marc-Andre Fleury, Ryan Miller, and Chris Anderson plays agressively between angles of the goal crease. Unlike Steve Mason his goaltending play is relying on his defenceman reacting save that’s his GAA is about 3.03 and his saves percentage is 90.1%.

dltd100 says:

The guy in the net looks like Ryan miller

BreakingBenFan001 says:

no he looks like Semyon Varlamov

Corridorkeys says:

This video is more for begginers so stop with the hateful comments

Dohla31 says:

Just made a random video of me taking pucks in the net, and I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me get some views by clicking the video and give me some feedback. Thanks!

infoHITHOCKEY says:

Check out “Rollerfly” The new off ice training invention.

dannypro36 says:

Thums up if you went to prohibrid I did its the best camp

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