Shooting Pad Comparison – Which is best for you?

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Rachel Rice says:

So… If,I got the junior pad…like can u compare it… Size wise… With
another house hold object

Leafsniper71 says:

Nice video – I had a few questions about the pro size shooting pad and the
roll up shooting pad. Which one is more durable? I practice my shot a lot
over the summer, so would the pro size mat be more durable than the roll up
pad due to the thickness? Also, which is better in terms of performance?
Does one pad allow for the puck to slide better than the other? And last of
all, will I have enough room on the pro shooting pad for a full one timer
if I put an Extreme Passer on it? 

Garren Lazarraga says:

Would it be okay to use a shooting pad if your blade has stick wax on it?

NexGen MUT says:

I have a question How To Hockey. I am going to get the dryland shooting
tiles and I don’t know size to get, What size do u recommend to start off
in a big yard. Cause I have a big yard and want to section out a space for
hockey shooting and training but I don’t know the best size for the space.
Also I want room for passing to other people and from for the goal to stay
on the tiles.

Max Mackie says:

Make a 50 000 subscriber video

Justin Paraskevis says:

Where did you get that tshirt?

Michael Laden says:

Hey should you use tape on a shooting board or not just wondering

Tommy Wup,yoass Neale says:

Just go to home depot thay have one twice the size of the pro and its only
50 bucks

steven delcourt says:

Or you can get a piece of Melamine board from Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menard’s,
etc. Way longer for way less money.

Joey Cooper says:

I got a free arena board regular size and it works great 

icallmybabystp says:


Max Mackie says:

Seriously make a 50 000 subscriber video

madrad3 says:

You look just like Cody Cici 

x11ponzikillxx says:

make a how to play defense vid

Frosteygamer says:

Do you recommend the stick you have

midnightwild2 says:

Patty Kane fat head XD

Michael Laden says:

How to hockey are you suppose to use tape on shooting boards or not
apparently if you don’t it feels more like ice

Elias Seyd says:

you can make one for like 20 bucks

Patrick Star says:

what are the benefits of white tape over black tape or black over white

Keenan Kolarik says:

I have the roll up shooting pad and I’ve had a lot of problems with it
warping and bending. I wouldn’t recommend it if you really lean into your


Do they all slide the same? eg. shooting pads vs shooting roll vs tiles

LegitBadger22 says:

Why do you not upload lots of videos?

Craven Yoda. says:

Can imget it at like canadian tire?

Garrett May says:

How much is the roll up tile you didn’t say? 

Justin Paraskevis says:

Where did you get that tshirt?

PZ Productions says:

I have the roll up pad 

Anthony C says:

I’m young and I fund for most of my own gear now and I really need a way to
practice my shooting and stick handling in my garage. I’ve researched a bit
and people say they HDPE is good for green biscuits and stuff. And its only
$20 for 24×48. But you’ve used a lot of products so what would you
recommend for a starting budget of ≈$200. I already have a green biscuit. 

SkylineBNR34 says:

If you actually do the math, the dryland tiles are the best bang for your
buck. Just getting 6 of them makes it a 36 in by 54 in little pad for only
66 bucks. Which is bigger than the intermediate pad for less money.

Gurkaran Shetra says:

Can u make a video about how to play good defence

How To Hockey says:

I compare all the hockey shooting pads. If you have questions just ask

Jacob b says:

I’m eleven and 5-3 which should I get

Crosbyish87 says:

I have a smaller shooting pad 40 inches Long and 24 inches wide I think I
feel like with smaller shooting pads it helps with quick releases 

Daniel Pomykalski says:

Do you ever find it hard to transition from a shooting pad to ice? I was
shooting great the other day, but then when I went to the rink my shots
were no where near as good. Do you think there’s a significant difference
because of the extra height the skates add?

Jeremy Stewart says:

I’m twelve and very short what shooting pad do u recommend 

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