The Best Hockey In-Home Workout Routine

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This workout routine can be completed in your home and focuses on 8 exercises to prepare you for hockey season.

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Shankar Maharjan says:

It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when normal people do it so
easily using Ripped X Beast (Google it).

Catherine Wilk says:

my favorite part of the video: “go capitals”

Nathan Remenda says:

Puck slaps haha

D34THxH45xC0M3 says:

is it really necessary for everyone to comment about him saying “Puck
Slaps” every comment has something to do with them(including mine) but
honestly watch the video for the work out and not the hockey grammar.

isaiah arnold says:

This is week

isaiah arnold says:


Take me to your Primus says:

This is awesome! I do this every monday wensday and friday :D

BreeZeTSHQ says:

I dont think he plays puck

Kaden Chiapelli says:

puck slaps?

Adithya Kamath says:

Yes i mean it. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at
your age to kill your belly. Listen one of my friend working in fitness
field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. have a
look here

xGoldenxAcex says:

puckslaps lol

Wes Alan says:

i should slap u with a puck

Travis Rogers says:

Thanks man, seriously helped!

TheAbStand says:

Great exercises not just for hockey but for overall fitness. Thanks for
sharing! If any of your health conscious viewers want to work their
midsection – we encourage them to visit us at the AbStand.

Elizabeth Cordrey says:

This video was very helpful in my opinion. Just because he says it wrong
doesn’t mean he doesn’t know anything. It’s not a hockey tutorial it’s a
workout tutorial for building the muscles needed in hockey. And he
obviously knows a lot about training.

427ImportEater says:

hes probably a soccer player

MohawkLaxer16 says:

Hahaha puck slaps

e bellie says:

ahahahahahahaha wtf he said puck slaps.. but u guys cant cherp ur all dusty
as fuuuuuck if ur watching this

papasmurf31 says:

This will really help my puck slaps thank you

tintinandmichelle says:

puck slaps

SuperHockeyskills says:

Puck Slaps really? puck slaps…… ……. Hockey 101

Настин Саша says:
Purna Chandarrao Nallamala says:

Just go And Google Skinnimaker System and you’ll learn how certain foods
‘explode’ in your stomach.

dead__last says:

what I learned from this vid – white men can’t jump! 

teletoon123ful says:

Go caps and chicago

CAVEMANsean says:

Not much.of a workout but it’s a nice warm up, I’ve been looking for a
better pregame ritual

Kelby Berry says:

I’ve been working out for 2-3 Months now. And this seems a little to easy.
Anything harder for a recommendation? 

Carter Oleary says:

Dat a boy caps nation

l5lidstrom5l says:

You should do more hockey training videos it has the most views on your

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