Tim Thomas Hockey Camps

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TT Hockey Camp: Every child and every player should have goals and know that even the most impossible dreams can be achieved. We will teach you what we know and what we live: from skating, passing, shooting, positional play and mental attitude to everyday habits of the most successful players, their daily routines, nutrition and off-ice workouts.

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ThePENNY1999 says:

go thomas!! … love detroit red wings but i love that thomas tooo!!

MrMrhockeystick99 says:

where is it

molson1226 says:

Shouldn’t stack the pads

MultiJako7 says:

Tim Thomas should make a YouTube account…

Miles Thomson says:

wow thomas is teaching them desparation!

Rachel ray says:

thats awesome. tim thomas is one of my all time favorite goalies

Joey77654 says:

Timmy T is the man absoulte role model and stud

eleanor1414 says:

same here are you a goalie?

nogoal4u1 says:

Not very often you see him at his own camp. I am running the one in Colorado and he is at the rink every day. Shows he is not in it for the money.

KiidxSharkie says:

I don’t think those kids realise how lucky they are to be training with him. I would seriously do anything to spend at least 2 hours to be on the ice with him.

opfor60 says:


BoomNHmediA says:

i would love to meet thomas and to have him teach me would be unbelievable

Kigs Tay says:

iv gone

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