Workouts to Improve Hockey Shooting – Slapshot and Wrist Shot

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FULL ARTICLE – We give you some great workouts for hockey. These workouts were developed to improve your hockey shooting. Most of these workouts are from Complete Conditioning for Hockey. We use a slastix and a medicine ball, if you would like to buy any of these you can visit our website. We also have a link to Complete Conditioning for Hockey which has a lot of great Slastix workouts for hockey. These workouts will help improve your slapshot and wrist shot.

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howtohockeydotcom says:

The full article will be posted soon and I will add the link to the video description

SeantheMOnsTar says:

she looks hott

ryanb273 says:

she’s hot

capsfan89128 says:


IceyFlame500 says:


sr016ify says:


MrHockeynut5 says:

Dude it is so cool of u to keep putting these on I love every video thanks bro.

kaazi777 says:

Got to love canadian girls :)

hockeystar35789 says:

i agree

GuruEdward says:

why is that dude’s mouth always open?

fastandfurioustokyo says:


sr016ify says:

Hahah why did u surprise with ur gf hiding behind u? Lol

hockeytrickreveiwer says:

did anyone one notice all his shooting pads

bloomfieldgayman says:

Jeremy AKA Bobby Bigwheel!

keandre willis says:

aahahah just a few hundered, i have ten :( aha btw ur gfs pree good looking , keeper for sure bro .

sena pircivan says:

she is invisibile :)

pedrorichardson411 says:

Top cheddar ender!

parmaflyer21 says:

man, nothing better than a rack for your stick ;)

Bailey Brenner says:

…..your always wearing those sandles……

shawnekoor8 says:


fireheadedgirl says:

Hello Jeremy, this is a fan from Poland. I just started playing hockey and lots of your tips are great for beginners, I was wondering if you could do or point me out towards a good practice warm-up routine? We have exercises but I would like to find out the order fo doing them and which ones are more important than others. Hope you get this message. Thanks for all the work!

canadaishockey61 says:

Can we see more videos with your gf in it lol *-*

jonnycakeable says:

If i do a machine that works lateral abdominals, can it replace the first exercise?

TheDonnieDonowitz says:

smokeshow at 6 oclock.

lBBGunnerl says:

Have you tried simply bouncing the medicine ball off a wall instead of passing to a partner? I find that allows me to really focus on burst speed through my rotation as I don’t have to worry about the receiving end. When I receive it off the wall I move straight into a squat and then explode again

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